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Release date Title
15/09/2021 Naaya News Save the date: September 21 - L. Janssens de Bisthoven to speak @ the Science Summit of UNGA76
30/08/2021 Naaya News Save the date: September 4 - Presentation of CEBioS and its project "EVAMAB" at the CAPDEV 2021, IUCN World Congress
Source: CEBioS / CAP DEV 2021
03/05/2021 Naaya News "Stakeholder Analysis on Ecosystem Services of Lake Manyara Sub-basin (Tanzania)", a new publication
Source: CEBioS
19/04/2021 Naaya News New paper by Dr. Hamed Oudantan (Benin): a step further in the understanding of molluscs in West Africa
24/03/2021 Naaya News The EVAMAB project presented in “The Conversation”
Source: The Conversation
12/03/2021 Naaya News Consumption of good quality water - CEBioS and Université d'Abomey-Calavi (Benin) project raises awareness in the Public Primary School of Dessa
Source: Matin Libre
02/03/2021 Naaya News Prof. Dudu Akaïbe is admitted to become Professor emeritus
Source: Kisangani asbl (Facebook)
06/01/2021 Naaya News Article on VRT News: "We urgently need to give our planet its resilience back"
Source: VRT News
18/12/2020 Naaya News Interview of Luc Janssens de Bisthoven in Le Vif/L'Express
Source: Le Vif/L'Express
01/12/2020 Naaya News Book review: "The invention of green colonialism" by Guillaume Blanc
Source: CEBioS
24/11/2020 Naaya News New policy brief about the future of Lake Tanganyika's fisheries (DR Congo)
Source: CEBioS
16/11/2020 Naaya News Letter to Science: "EcoHealth reframing of disease monitoring"
Source: CEBioS
12/11/2020 Naaya News Publication of "Exploring the bushmeat market in Brussels, Belgium: a clandestine luxury business"
Source: Erik Verheyen
03/11/2020 Naaya News "Local perceptions on the state of the pelagic fisheries and fisheries management in Uvira, Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo" is now available
Source: Els De Keyzer
24/09/2020 Naaya News New lexicon on Ruvubu National Park's habitats (Burundi)
Source: CEBioS
04/09/2020 Naaya News Global change increases zoonotic risk, COVID-19 changes risk perceptions: a plea for urban nature connectedness
Source: CEBioS
09/07/2020 Naaya News "Wild animals and human health: a common and urgent fight"
Source: Le Soir
08/07/2020 Naaya News Launch of the UNEP-ILRI report on "Preventing the Next Pandemic: Zoonotic Diseases and How to Break the Chain of Transmission"
Source: UNEP
08/07/2020 Naaya News Three presentations by CEBioS at the GEO BON open science conference
Source: CEBioS
30/06/2020 Naaya News Now available: 'Farmers’ preferences towards water hyacinth control: A contingent valuation study'
Source: CEBioS
22/05/2020 Naaya News Let's save biodiversity, together and now! The launch of a unique communication campaign...
Source: Ensemble pour la Biodiversité / Samen Vo..
15/05/2020 Naaya News The African Center for Aquatic Research and Education (ACARE) released its first annual report
Source: ACARE
08/05/2020 Naaya News The 2020 GTI external call for proposals is open!
Source: Global Taxonomy Initiative
05/05/2020 Naaya News CEBioS is looking for a new Scientific Officer (capacity builder and researcher in marine modelling)
Source: CEBioS
29/04/2020 Naaya News Article in the 'Journal Karibu' (DR Congo) about the CSB-CEBioS partnership
Source: Journal Karibu
28/04/2020 Naaya News Publication of 'Social-ecological assessment of Lake Manyara basin, Tanzania: A mixed method approach'
Source: CEBioS
27/04/2020 Naaya News CEBioS' activities related to healthy ecosystems, the One Health concept and zoonoses
Source: CEBioS
14/04/2020 Naaya News Two PhD students from Benin explain their research about the temperature of lake Nokoué, Benin
Source: CEBioS
09/04/2020 Naaya News EVAMAB paper on "Farmers’ perspectives on payments for ecosystem services in Uganda"
Source: EVAMAB
07/04/2020 Naaya News Un projet d'éducation environnementale et de sauvegarde des tortues marines au Bénin
Source: ONG Nature Tropicale
06/04/2020 Naaya News A summary of the EVAMAB final report is now available
Source: EVAMAB
01/04/2020 Naaya News WWF article about the link between pandemics and the destruction of nature, and policy brief about bushmeat (Belgian Biodiversity Platform)
Source: WWF Belgium, Belgian Biodiversity Platfo..
20/03/2020 Naaya News New publication: "Ecosystem services assessment tools for African Biosphere Reserves: A review and user-informed classification"
Source: CEBioS
11/03/2020 Naaya News The 2nd meeting of the Open-ended Working Group on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (OEWG-2), in Rome
Source: IISD, CBD, CEBioS
03/03/2020 Naaya News Workshop in Entebbe, Uganda on the use of biodiversity data for decision-making
Source: CEBioS
12/02/2020 Naaya News CEBioS is looking for a Scientific Programme Officer
Source: CEBioS
07/02/2020 Naaya News CEBioS is recruiting a new administrative colleague
Source: CEBioS
05/02/2020 Naaya News Grants for Ecologists in Africa (from the British Ecological Society)
Source: British Ecological Society
13/01/2020 Naaya News BIOPAMA AC call for proposal for Small Technical Grants
Source: IUCN
07/01/2020 Naaya News Prize D4D open for applications
Source: Africa Museum
13/12/2019 Naaya News Release of a methodological sheet on the integration of environmental and climate issues into education and training programmes
03/12/2019 Naaya News A poster for the Water Without Borders conference (November 28th)
Source: CEBioS
22/11/2019 Naaya News Workshop for CEBioS alumni working on taxonomy (GTI)
Source: GTI NFP
23/10/2019 Naaya News Workshop about Lake Tanganyika fishery at the CRH Uvira, DR Congo
Source: CEBioS
23/10/2019 Naaya News Belgian development cooperation actors in Bujumbura, Burundi for a strategic dialogue session
Source: CEBioS
21/10/2019 Naaya News Paper on aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages from Lake Nokoué (Benin)
Source: CEBioS
11/10/2019 Naaya News CEBioS attended AfriMAB’s 6th General Assembly
Source: UNESCO
09/10/2019 Naaya News 1st CHM & GBIF joined meeting at the RBINS
04/10/2019 Naaya News Awareness-raising activities in Benin on groundwater biodiversity
23/09/2019 Naaya News New policy brief on the monitoring of natural ressources in protected areas
Source: CEBioS
13/09/2019 Naaya News Review of Abc Taxa Volume 16 in the African Journal of Aquatic Science
Source: CEBioS
12/08/2019 Naaya News CEBioS workshop about development cooperation and biodiversity at the ALTER-Net & EKLIPSE Conference
Source: CEBioS
10/07/2019 Naaya News New policy brief on the reduction of threats to crocodiles and hippopotamuses on Lake Tanganyika
Source: Alexis Bashonga Bishobibiri
10/07/2019 Naaya News Grants to participate in the Biodiversity_Next conference for African nationals
Source: JRS biodiversity Foundation
28/05/2019 Naaya News Recent and future events for biodiversity’s visibility
Source: CBD Executive Secretariat
28/05/2019 Naaya News UNESCO workshop about ecosystem services in African Biosphere Reserves
Source: CEBioS
24/05/2019 Naaya News CEBioS call for education and public awareness projects 2019
Source: Belgian CHM NFP
06/05/2019 Naaya News Nature's dangerous decline 'unprecedented' according to IPBES Global Assessment
Source: IPBES
03/05/2019 Naaya News The 2019 GTI external call for proposals is open!
Source: Belgian GTI NFP
03/05/2019 Naaya News Burundi joins Promote Pollinators during IPBES-7
Source: Promote pollinators, OBPE
26/04/2019 Naaya News Application for the SPIBES Master's Programme
24/04/2019 Naaya News MOUNAF project’s third call for student mobility within Africa
Source: UHasselt
10/04/2019 Naaya News MOOC on Biodiversity Finance to start on April 15th
Source: BIOFIN
27/03/2019 Naaya News Call for proposals is open to attend the 1st African Parks Congress (APAC) 
27/03/2019 Naaya News CEBioS 2014-2018 report and 2019 plan available
Source: CEBioS
25/03/2019 Naaya News Two new publications by CEBioS staff and partners
Source: CEBioS
20/03/2019 Naaya News TWAS Research Grants for nationals of developing countries
18/03/2019 Naaya News UNESCO Sultan Qaboos Prize for Environmental Conservation
18/03/2019 Naaya News Launch of the 6th Global Environment Outlook (GEO) by UNEP
Source: UNEP
05/03/2019 Naaya News CEBioS academic associate’s work in National Geographic
Source: Els De Keyzer
25/02/2019 Naaya News Grant from the BES for ecologists in Africa
Source: British Ecological Society
15/02/2019 Naaya News Call for proposals Small-Scale Initiatives Program (PPI) - IUCN France
Source: IUCN France
07/02/2019 Naaya News “La biodiversité pour le développement durable : ensemble pour changer de cap”, un forum du CFDD
Source: Conseil Fédéral du Développement Durable
30/01/2019 Naaya News Isabella Yasmine Olodo, CEBioS grantee, wins price at Diatom conference in Belgium
28/01/2019 Naaya News Agronomist Gyrhaiss Kapepula Kasembele (UNILU) wins an award at the 47th conference of the PARSA
Source: Maarten Vanhove
28/01/2019 Naaya News Six new dactylogyrid species from the Lower Congo Basin
Source: Maarten Vanhove
23/01/2019 Naaya News Call for proposals on Biodiversity Informatics for African Freshwater and Pollinator Biodiversity.
Source: JRS Foundation
22/01/2019 Naaya News CEBioS granted funding by the SCBD Bio-Bridge Initiative
Source: SCBD
09/01/2019 Naaya News Article - “La phase 2 du projet de régénération des paysages bientôt acté au Burundi”
Source: VivAfrik
18/12/2018 Naaya News Three partner CHMs (Burundi, Morocco and Guinea-Bissau) win an award at COP14
Source: United Nations
11/12/2018 Naaya News CEBioS contributes to scientific capacity building for sustainable fisheries in the D.R. Congo
Source: Prof. Dr. Maarten P.M. Vanhove
03/12/2018 Naaya News Call for application for the 2019 FishBase training organized by the Royal Museum for Central Africa
Source: Royal Museum for Central Africa
29/11/2018 Naaya News CEBioS at the Meeting of CBFP Parties on November 27th and 28th 2018
Source: CEBioS
26/11/2018 Naaya News Discover the Primer for IPBES’ Global Assessment Report on biodiversity and ecosystem services
Source: IPBES
19/11/2018 Naaya News Press release – Conference of the Parties of the CBD in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 17 to 29 November 2018
Source: United Nations & CEBioS
15/10/2018 Naaya News Workshops to formulate further cooperation with the UAC and for further actions towards ecosystem services in the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve in Benin
Source: Luc Janssens de Bisthoven (CEBioS)
15/10/2018 Naaya News A participatory workshop for the closure of MRV projects, and a closing workshop for the SureLive project in Uganda
Source: Luc Janssens de Bisthoven (CEBioS)
10/10/2018 Naaya News Prize D4D – Katrijn Baetens (CEBioS) and Zacharie Sohou (IRHOB) win second place in the iChoose category
Source: Katrijn Baetens (CEBioS)
21/09/2018 Naaya News Launch of a new policy brief: 'Les services écosystémiques dans la Réserve de Biosphère de la Pendjari (Bénin)'
Source: CEBioS
18/09/2018 Naaya News CEBioS at Bruxelles Champêtre
Source: CEBioS
31/08/2018 Naaya News Four new videos about biodiversity and development cooperation are now available
Source: CEBioS
16/08/2018 Naaya News In Memoriam – Taghi Farvar
Source: IUCN
20/07/2018 Naaya News Restitution des résultats de recherche sur les écosystèmes souterrains aquatiques du Bénin
Source: CEBioS
19/07/2018 Naaya News Formulation of a cooperation plan for 2019-2023 with the CSB, Kisangani
Source: CEBioS
12/07/2018 Naaya News Stop wildlife trafficking exhibition at the European Parliament
Source: CEBioS
29/06/2018 Naaya News New information available about our colloquium of May 28th 2018
Source: CEBioS
20/06/2018 Naaya News Pathfinder Award Call for Nominations
Source: UNDP
13/06/2018 Naaya News Launch of CEBioS new policy brief in collaboration with KLIMOS on the 'mainstreaming of biodiversity into development cooperation'
Source: CEBioS
27/03/2018 Naaya News Worsening Worldwide Land Degradation Now ‘Critical’, Undermining Well-Being of 3.2 Billion People
Source: IPBES
26/03/2018 Naaya News Biodiversity and Nature’s Contributions Continue Dangerous Decline, Scientists Warn
Source: IPBES
12/03/2018 Naaya News Launch of a new lexicon on Pendjari Biosphere Reserve, Benin
08/03/2018 Naaya News Vote for our project in competition for the D4D prize
08/03/2018 Naaya News Launch of a new policy brief on CEBioS work in Peru using the COHERENS model
02/03/2018 Naaya News 1st announcement: 5 years CEBioS - colloquium on 28 May 2018
Source: CEBioS
16/01/2018 Naaya News Launch of a policy brief dedicated to insect biodiversity in Vietnam
12/01/2018 Naaya News CEBioS is looking for a communication expert
10/01/2018 Naaya News Call for proposals on 'Biodiversity Informatics for African Freshwater and Pollinator Biodiversity'
Source: JRS Biodiversity Foundation
06/12/2017 Naaya News CEBioS participated in the 1st WABES expert meeting
01/12/2017 Naaya News Series of workshops and trainings at the CSB, DR Congo
13/11/2017 Naaya News UN Heads call for assistance to address linked climate change, biodiversity and desertification threats
10/11/2017 Naaya News Call for projects for valorising existing data and establishing biodiversity indicators around protected areas
27/10/2017 Naaya News Call for MRV awareness projects
27/10/2017 Naaya News Workshop on scientific publishing for CEBioS & MRAC trainees
12/10/2017 Naaya News Five Major New IPBES Assessment Reports will be launched in March 2018
Source: IPBES
10/10/2017 Naaya News Free MOOC on Resilience for Development
18/09/2017 Naaya News Ph. D. defense of Mr Jean Didier T. Akpona, CEBioS collaborator in Benin
14/09/2017 Naaya News New guidance on tourism concessions for protected areas released
Source: CBD Secretariat
01/09/2017 Naaya News Call for sessions for the 2018 European Conference of Tropical Ecology
07/08/2017 Naaya News Scholarships for African students - First call MOUNAF project
03/08/2017 Naaya News Call for a Masters course “Managing the Science-Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services for sustainable development in West Africa – SPIBES'
31/07/2017 Naaya News CEBioS and CBD Secretariat activities featured in BioCAP latest issue
Source: CBD Secretariat
24/07/2017 Naaya News ACP MEAs Programme Newsletter - Second Quarter 2017
Source: UNEP
19/07/2017 Naaya News Launch of the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2017
Source: United Nations
19/07/2017 Naaya News 2018 MAB Young Scientists Awards
Source: UNESCO
17/07/2017 Naaya News RBINS and CEBioS meet the Conservation and Business sectors from DR Congo in Brussels and Tervuren
12/07/2017 Naaya News New article highlights the current magnitude of Earth’s ongoing 6th major extinction event
04/07/2017 Naaya News The Nagoya Protocol in the context of development cooperation
03/07/2017 Naaya News Ebola outbreak under surveillance in DR Congo
20/06/2017 Naaya News International conference on 'Sustainable Energy for Africa'
15/06/2017 Naaya News IFS Individual Research Grants
09/06/2017 Naaya News A view on biodiversity within environmental impact assessment in the Global South
08/06/2017 Naaya News Report of the evaluation of the institutional actors’ policy support
07/06/2017 Naaya News 2016 CEBioS report available
29/05/2017 Naaya News CEBioS joins the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Network (BES-Net)
25/05/2017 Naaya News CEBioS is committed to achieve SDG14 on marine life
12/05/2017 Naaya News PhD student co-supervised by CEBioS wins award at KUL Sustainability Day 2017
11/05/2017 Naaya News Report from the European One Health / EcoHealth Workshop is available
10/05/2017 Naaya News Training on conservation and computerization of zoology and geology collections in Belgium
Source: RMCA
09/05/2017 Naaya News PEGASuS funding opportunity - Future Earth
Source: Future Earth
06/05/2017 Naaya News CHM workshop in Lomé, Togo
Source: Belgian CHM
28/04/2017 Naaya News CEBioS participation in the 5th meeting of the IPBES task force on Capacity-building
27/04/2017 Naaya News Consolidation of the Framework Agreement CSB-RBINS
20/04/2017 Naaya News New publication from IUCN on Adaptation to climate change
Source: IUCN
04/04/2017 Naaya News GTI uptake meeting in Vietnam: showing results of 10 years of entomological research to Vietnamese stakeholders
17/03/2017 Naaya News Closing workshop of the COHERENS project in collaboration with IMARPE in Peru
14/03/2017 Naaya News New call for the Small-Scaled Initiatives Program (FFEM & IUCN)
Source: IUCN
09/03/2017 Naaya News CHM training in Libreville, Gabon
Source: CEBioS
22/02/2017 Naaya News Final GBIF-BID call for proposals from sub-Saharan Africa
Source: GBIF
17/02/2017 Naaya News CEBioS new lexicon on Burundi's Kibira National Park habitats
10/02/2017 Naaya News CEBioS participation in the European Conference of Tropical Ecology, held in February 2017 in Brussels
30/01/2017 Naaya News Farming for biodiversity contest
Source: Rare
24/01/2017 Naaya News 30 years of banana diversity hosted in Belgium – a treasure chest to feed the world
Source: Bioversity International
11/01/2017 Naaya News 2017 RFP: Biodiversity Informatics for African Freshwater and Pollinator Biodiversity
10/01/2017 Naaya News Call for Applications: Training for Protected Area Managers in Central Africa
05/01/2017 Naaya News Meeting with local partner institutions in Kisangani and Kinshasa, DR Congo
05/01/2017 Naaya News Visit from the Director-general for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid
20/12/2016 Naaya News The 2017 Belgian GTI external call for proposals is open!
Source: Belgian GTI NFP
19/12/2016 Naaya News VLIR-UOS scholarships for 2017
19/12/2016 Naaya News CEBioS participation in the UN Biodiversity Conference in Cancun, Mexico
15/12/2016 Naaya News New policy briefs to communicate outcomes of MRV projects
15/12/2016 Naaya News Workshop of the mycologists network of the African great lakes region
15/12/2016 Naaya News Second stakeholders workshop of North South South Project (VLIR-UOS) - Integrated water management Lake Manyara
12/12/2016 Naaya News Regional workshop on the monitoring of habitat dynamics, Kahuzi - Biega National Park (DR Congo) (14-30 August 2016)
25/11/2016 Naaya News Save the date: 8 December 2016 for a side-event at COP13
23/11/2016 Naaya News Oil extraction imperils Africa's Great Lakes
18/11/2016 Naaya News CEBioS mission in Vietnam
26/10/2016 Naaya News 1st CEBioS MRV projects closing meeting in Cotonou, Benin
24/10/2016 Naaya News Training on Education for Sustainable Development Cooperation by
13/10/2016 Naaya News CEBioS mission in Burundi
10/10/2016 Naaya News CEBioS participation in European One Health/EcoHealth Workshop
04/10/2016 Naaya News Summerschool on aquatic biology in Morocco
03/10/2016 Naaya News Our programme is featured in GEO BON September newsletter
30/09/2016 Naaya News Event "Education meets biodiversity in RDCongo" at RBINS
28/09/2016 Naaya News CEBioS booth at Bruxelles Champêtre
26/09/2016 Naaya News Abstract submission for Young Researchers’ Overseas Day (KAOW-ARSOM) - 13 December 2016
22/09/2016 Naaya News Vote for the public prize Digital for Development (D4D)
14/09/2016 Naaya News Event on 27 september: When education meets biodiversity in D.R. Congo
29/08/2016 Naaya News 2017 UNESCO MAB Young Scientists Awards
Source: UNESCO
26/08/2016 Naaya News New IPBES Summaries for Policymakers (SPM) released on 25 August 2016
09/08/2016 Naaya News Call for applications for the 2nd symposium of the MycoRGL network
02/08/2016 Naaya News 2016 GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge
Source: GBIF
22/06/2016 Naaya News 1st announcement for the European Conference of Tropical Ecology, Brussels, 6-10 February 2017
10/06/2016 Naaya News GTI Alumni Workshop (Cotonou, 6-9 June)
06/06/2016 Naaya News Formulation workshop for a marine modeling project in Cotonou, Benin
01/06/2016 Naaya News Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Belgian ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity
30/05/2016 Naaya News WWF’s 2016 Conservation Workshop Grants
Source: WWF
18/05/2016 Naaya News FAO Shares Stories on Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests
Source: iisd reporting services
14/05/2016 Naaya News CEBioS mission in D.R. Congo
03/05/2016 Naaya News CBD+20 - 20 years anniversary of the Belgian ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Source: Belgian CBD NFP
26/04/2016 Naaya News New IOC Capacity Development Website
22/04/2016 Naaya News BIOPAMA advances implementation in West Africa
Source: Sebastien Regnaut, IUCN
20/04/2016 Naaya News ZSL-EDGE Fellowship 2016 call is open
Source: The Zoological Society of London
11/04/2016 Naaya News Call for a course in tropical mycology and plant-fungi interactions to face food insecurity in West Africa
31/03/2016 Naaya News New analysis shows that 'Conservation research is not happening where it is most needed'
Source: PLOS Biology
30/03/2016 Naaya News Prize D4D (Digital for Development)
Source: DGD
23/03/2016 Naaya News 2 presentations from CEBioS trainees coming from UNIKIS (D.R. Congo)
16/03/2016 Naaya News The 2016 internal call for proposals for taxonomic research and capacity building at the RBINS is open!
Source: Belgian GTI NFP
16/03/2016 Naaya News IPBES Call for experts for global assessment (Deliverable 2c) and sustainable use of biodiversity (Deliverable 3biii)
Source: IPBES National Focal Point
15/03/2016 Naaya News The 2016 MRV call is open! Projects from the D.R. Congo are eligible.
15/03/2016 Naaya News New publication using the COHERENS model
07/03/2016 Naaya News Open Funding Opportunities on Wildlife Conservation
29/02/2016 Naaya News CBD+20 - Invitation to the 20 years anniversary of the Belgian ratification
Source: The Belgian National Focal Point Biodive..
25/02/2016 Naaya News GBIF Capacity Enhancement Support Programme – 2016 Call for Proposals
23/02/2016 Naaya News Funding opportunities to study in Germany
17/02/2016 Naaya News The 2016 annual plan for CEBioS is available
17/02/2016 Naaya News Postdoc fellowships to non-EU researchers - 2016 call is open
Source: BELSPO
15/02/2016 Naaya News Nominations open for the MIDORI Prize for Biodiversity 2016
Source: CBD Secretariat
12/02/2016 Naaya News CEBioS mission in Benin
28/01/2016 Naaya News 2 new publications by GTI trainee Hamed Odountan from UAC, Benin
Source: Belgian GTI NFP
25/01/2016 Naaya News The 2016 GTI external call for proposals is open!
Source: Belgian GTI NFP
22/01/2016 Naaya News Newsletter of the network of mycologists from the Great Lakes region in Africa
Source: Meise botanic garden
20/01/2016 Naaya News New CEPF calls for proposals
Source: CEPF
14/01/2016 Naaya News New website of the "Centre de Surveillance de la Biodiversité" (CSB, DRCongo)
13/01/2016 Naaya News North South South Project (VLIR-UOS) - Integrated water management Lake Manyara
13/01/2016 Naaya News ‘Matata effect’ denounces lack of valorisation of scientific results from authors from developing countries in international publications
12/01/2016 Naaya News Call for Project Proposals for African Freshwater and Pollinator Biodiversity Data and Information
Source: JRS Biodiversity Foundation
06/01/2016 Naaya News "What does the Paris agreement mean for the world's other 8 million species?" (The Guardian)
Source: The Guardian
04/12/2015 Naaya News Launch of brand new COHERENS website and new model
02/12/2015 Naaya News Event 'Biodiversity and Development, a global heritage' (RBINS, 26/11/2015)
25/11/2015 Naaya News 2016 IFS Call for Individual Research Grants is open
Source: IFS
20/11/2015 Naaya News Training for functionaries of the Belgian Development Cooperation (by CEBioS-KLIMOS, 16 & 17 November 2015)
13/11/2015 Naaya News Stories of change: mainstreaming biodiversity and development. New publication available
Source: IIED
29/10/2015 Naaya News Closing symposium for COHERENS training - Application of circulation models in coastal shelf seas
29/10/2015 Naaya News Training at ‘Centre de Surveillance de la Biodiversité’ (CSB), Kisangani, DR Congo
27/10/2015 Naaya News CEBioS participation at the 1st IPBES Capacity-building Forum, in Dehradun, India
26/10/2015 Naaya News Launch of the book 'KATANGA Des animaux et des hommes'
26/10/2015 Naaya News 2016 call for training session on FishBase and fish taxonomy
Source: MRAC
13/10/2015 Naaya News 'Seeds for Restoration’ survey
Source: Bioversity International
06/10/2015 Naaya News MRV training at the RBINS
02/10/2015 Naaya News Climate at the centre of the new magazine
Source: DGD
01/10/2015 Naaya News 2015 BID Call for Proposals from Africa
29/09/2015 Naaya News CEBioS sponsors RBINS competition towards biodiversity conservation
Source: Belgian CBD NFP
28/09/2015 Naaya News UN adopts new Global Goals, charting sustainable development for people and planet by 2030
Source: UN News center
25/09/2015 Naaya News GTI symposium on African ants at the RBINS
22/09/2015 Naaya News CEBioS stand at Bruxelles Champêtre 2015
10/09/2015 Naaya News Seminar on Burkina Faso, new partner for the Belgian Development Cooperation
08/09/2015 Naaya News Belgium gets a good evaluation from the latest OECD - DAC Peer Review
Source: DGD
03/09/2015 Naaya News CEBioS meeting at the UNESCO-IOC Project Office for IODE
31/08/2015 Naaya News CEBioS workshop in fish biology and parasitology in D. R. Congo
21/08/2015 Naaya News Book review by Luc Janssens de Bisthoven
20/08/2015 Naaya News CEBioS mission in Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2015
05/08/2015 Naaya News UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution on Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade
Source: African Regional Coverage of iisd
04/08/2015 Naaya News Career advancement of GTI alumnus Dr Kanvaly DOSSO, from Université Nangui Abrogoua in Ivory Coast
04/08/2015 Naaya News CEBioS participation at a conference dedicated to capacity building in Africa
Source: ML Susini
31/07/2015 Naaya News Ban welcomes UN Assembly’s endorsement of action plan on post-2015 development financing
Source: UN News center
22/07/2015 Naaya News Pre-announcement: 2015 BID call for proposals from Africa
Source: GBIF
08/07/2015 Naaya News CHM training in Tanzania
Source: Belgian CHM
29/06/2015 Naaya News 2015 UEBT Biodiversity Barometer shows additional efforts needed to reach UN targets on biodiversity awareness
Source: CBD Secretariat
26/06/2015 Naaya News Event "Biodiversity and Development, a global heritage" (26/11/2015): REGISTRATION OPEN
27/05/2015 Naaya News Declaration on biodiversity information for sustainable development in Africa
20/05/2015 Naaya News International Day for Biological Diversity 2015
Source: CBD Secretariat
20/05/2015 Naaya News CEBioS participation at the 2nd expert meeting on elaboration of options for synergies among biodiversity-related Multilateral Environmental Agreements
13/05/2015 Naaya News CEBioS stand at Europe Day - 9 May 2015
13/05/2015 Naaya News CITES and UNEP support strengthening of wildlife laws
12/05/2015 Naaya News DesertLand conference in Ghent
11/05/2015 Naaya News 2nd Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sustainable Development
07/05/2015 Naaya News 2015 call for project proposals for Education and Public Awareness from the Belgian CHM is open
07/05/2015 Naaya News Abc Taxa volume 14 on Bryophytes from Rwanda wins an international prize
28/04/2015 Naaya News 3 calls from the Trade for Development Centre for micro, small and mediumsized enterprises engaged in Fair and Sustainable Trade in the South
23/04/2015 Naaya News CEBioS mission in Vietnam
22/04/2015 Naaya News First Announcement UEF-UNEP Course on MEAs 2015
07/04/2015 Naaya News 2015 World health day is dedicated to food safety
Source: CBD Secretariat
30/03/2015 Naaya News The 2015 MRV call is open!
26/03/2015 Naaya News Presentation on DNA analysis of African bats
23/03/2015 Naaya News B.BICE+ launches 2 calls for projects between Europe and Brazil
20/03/2015 Naaya News Green Week 2015
17/03/2015 Naaya News CHM workshop for Anglophone partner countries, 9-11 March 2015, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Source: Belgian CHM NFP
12/03/2015 Naaya News 2015 Prince Albert II of Monaco / Institut Pasteur Award
03/03/2015 Naaya News Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife (CPW) launches sourcebook on bushmeat
Source: Collaborative Partnership on Wildlife (C..
16/02/2015 Naaya News The 2015 internal call for proposals for taxonomic research and capacity building for RBINS researchers is open!
Source: GTI National Focal Point
16/02/2015 Naaya News New Dragonfly Book and African Training Opportunity
Source: JRS Biodiversity foundation
16/02/2015 Naaya News Participation of Dr Luc Janssens de Bisthoven to the OECD workshop entitled 'Biodiversity and Development: Mainstreaming and Managing for Results'
Source: OECD
09/02/2015 Naaya News Belgian Biodiversity Platform 2015 Conference: "Empowering Biodiversity Research"
Source: Belgian Biodiversity Platform
05/02/2015 Naaya News Ph. D. defense of Mr Sèdjro Gilles Armel Nago, GTI trainee
27/01/2015 Naaya News The theme for the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) on 22 May 2015 is “Biodiversity for Sustainable Development”
Source: CBD Secretariat
26/01/2015 Naaya News Belgian launch of the European Year for Development 2015
Source: EU
23/01/2015 Naaya News 1st announcement: conference entitled "Building Capacity for Conservation & Resource Management in Africa"
16/01/2015 Naaya News 2015 GBIF Young Researchers Award: call for nominations
Source: GBIF
16/01/2015 Naaya News GBIF Ebbe Nielsen Challenge to spark innovation in open-access biodiversity informatics
Source: GBIF
15/01/2015 Naaya News Call for the World Bank Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program
15/01/2015 Naaya News 2015 call for application for the training in taxonomy and systematics of African Fruitflies
Source: RMCA
18/12/2014 Naaya News Presentation on Amphibian research in Benin by S. Gilles A. Nago at the RBINS
17/12/2014 Naaya News The 2015 GTI external call for proposals is open!
Source: Belgian GTI NFP
02/12/2014 Naaya News Compendium on Protected Area Governance and Management launched at 6th World Parks Congress
Source: CBD Secretariat
26/11/2014 Naaya News Call for application for IFS Individual Research Grants
Source: IFS
25/11/2014 Naaya News Presentation on the use of bushmeat in the Forest area of Kisangani region (DRC) by trainee Casimir Nebesse
12/11/2014 Naaya News Conférence-Débat : L'agriculture familiale peut-elle nourrir l'Afrique ?
Source: SLCD
12/11/2014 Naaya News 2015 call for application for the 'FishBase and fish taxonomy’ training session
03/11/2014 Naaya News Latest TRAFFIC Bulletin helps illuminate orchid, ivory & serow trades
Source: Traffic
31/10/2014 Naaya News 2014 prizewinner of the Arsom competition is Léonard MUBALAMA KAKIRA
30/10/2014 Naaya News 2nd call for Food & Business Applied Research Fund
Source: ARF
30/10/2014 Naaya News Symposium be-troplive sur la biodiversité animale et l’agriculture familiale
Source: DGD
26/10/2014 Naaya News Prix Émile Laurent de l'Académie royale de Belgique attribué au Dr François Muhashy Habiyaremye, membre de l'équipe CEBioS
Source: Académie royale de Belgique
24/10/2014 Naaya News First African Mountains Regional Forum
Source: IISD
22/10/2014 Naaya News Call for applications – Negotiation skills training for resolving conflicts in and around protected areas
Source: IUCN
21/10/2014 Naaya News UNESCO-MAB: Michel Batisse Award for Biosphere Reserve Management 2015
14/10/2014 Naaya News Document on COP12 negotiations launched by IFDD
Source: Institut de la Francophonie pour le déve..
01/10/2014 Naaya News Participation in CBD COP12