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Folder External projects

In this section, one can find descriptions of projects in which CEBioS members are involved that are run thanks to external funds.

HTML Document VLIR-UOS, North-South-South: balancing water for biodiversity and socio-economic use in a changing climate: towards a Decision Support System for sustainable land and water use in Lake Manyara (closed)
HTML Document VLIR-UOS, Short Training Initiative: building an African network for sustainable management of aquatic biological resources supported by genetics and parasitology (closed)
HTML Document EVAMAB - Economic valuation of ecosystem services in Man and Biosphere reserves: testing effective rapid assessment methods in selected African MABs
HTML Document Implementation of the project funded by BELSPO to promote the international networking of federal scientific institutions, 2016 -2017 (closed)
HTML Document VLIR-UOS, South Initiative: strengthening local capacities for better biological assessment of mining impacts in Katanga (DR Congo) on fish and their aquatic environments (closed)
HTML Document VLIR-UOS, South Initiative: surveillance de la dynamique de la biodiversité du Lac Tanganyika (closed)
HTML Document VLIR-UOS, VLADOC: towards sustainable fisheries in Lake Tanganyika: integration of genetics, environmental data and stakeholder involvement
HTML Document Workshop in ichtyoparasitology in Bas-Congo, DR Congo (closed)
HTML Document BiodivERsA: biodiversity changes in African forests and emerging infectious diseases, should we worry?
HTML Document Bio-Bridge: development of a methodology to acquire a spatiotemporal series of physicochemical parameters of the coastal marine environment of Benin
HTML Document The CONNECT Project: the expert group of the UNEP-WCMC