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Welcoming remarks and introduction by:

Examples of interventions by :




PDF Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, a global heritage: preliminary remarks (Luc Janssens de Bisthoven, CEBioS) Download
PDF The EU Biodiversity Flagship Initiative (Arnold Jacques de Dixmude, European Commission) Download
PDF Biological monitoring activities related to the VLIR Ecuador network (Marie Anne Eurie Forio, UGent) Download
PDF Conserving and valorizing biodiversity:the medicinal flora of Madagascar (Pierre Duez, UMons) Download
PDF Agro-biodiversity and eco-agriculture (Bruno Verbist, KLIMOS) Download
PDF Plant diversity and development: the activities of the Botanic Garden Meise in Central Africa (Francesca Lanata, Botanic Garden Meise) Download
PDF Le MRAC: partenaire de la coopération belge au développement pour un développement durable en Afrique (Eva November, MRAC) Download
PDF The biology department (Jos Snoeks, Royal Museum for Central Africa) Download
PDF Fisheries and Global Warming: Impacts on Marine Ecosystems (Daniel Pauly, University of British Columbia) Download
PDF Taxonomy and the Global Taxonomy Initiative (Marie-Lucie Susini, RBINS, CEBioS) Download
PDF Les Cyprinidae du Maroc et leurs Monogènes branchiaux: Systématique, Biogéographie et phylogénie (Rahmouni Imane, Université Mohammed V, Maroc) Download
PDF Renforcement des connaissances taxonomiques sur les pollinisateurs des écosystèmes forestiers et agricoles du Burundi (Ndayikeza Longin, Université du Burundi) Download
PDF Diversity of termites (insect: Isoptera), main pests of yam tubers (Dioscorea sp.) And resistance of landraces in Benin (Laura Loko, Polytechnic University of Abomey, Benin) Download
PDF Health, Biodiversity and Development (Richard Kock, University of London) Download
PDF Using native biodiversity to restore metal-polluted soil in tropical Africa: a case study in the copperbelt of Katanga (D.R. Congo) (Pierre Meerts, ULB) Download
PDF Biodiversity and genetic resources in North and South (Brendan Coolsaet, UCL) Download
PDF Potential for biodiversity conservation of three legal land uses in Central Africa: industrial logging concessions, protected areas, and community forests (Jean-Louis Doucet, ULG Gembloux ABT) Download
PDF Aquatic ecology for sustainable development in Africa (Luc Brendonck, KULeuven) Download