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Folder Posters

PDF List of posters and abstracts Download
PDF 1a. Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in development countries, CEBioS Download
PDF 1b. Capacity building for establishing biodiversity indicators in Africa, CEBioS Download
PDF 2. Target Cross Linking Tool: Report once, use many times ! Download
PDF 3. Cooperation for sustainable development – Royal Museum for Central Africa Download
PDF 4. Biodiversity 2020, update of the Belgian Biodiversity Strategy Download
PDF 5. The intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES): strengthening capacity for the effective use of science in decision-making Download
PDF 6. The Belgian GBIF Node Download
PDF 9. Contributing to ecological research and sustainable management of African tropical forests Download
PDF 9a. Biomass and carbon stocks of tropical African forests: synthesis and perspectives Download
PDF 10. Etude des disperseurs et prédateurs de Guibourtia tessmannii : Quelle influence sur le potentiel de régénération de l’espèce ? Download
PDF 11. Miombo Woodlands : an endangered forest ecosystem in periurban areas of the southeastern cities of Democratic Republic of Congo Download
PDF 12. Which strategies to conserve and restore metallophytes threatened by intensive mining activities in Southeastern D.R.Congo ? Download
PDF 13. ECOmakala: meeting energy needs, fighting poverty and protecting the forests of the Virunga National Park, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Download
PDF 14. Natural regeneration of forest for environmental and socio economic development in Bas-Congo, DRC Download
PDF 15. Tools for the conservation and sustainable use of African woodlands: edible fungi Download
PDF 16. Reinforcement of the fungal expertise in Ecuador via case studies of fungal plants interactions in selected ecosystems and the development of biotechnology-oriented fungal resource centres. Download
PDF 17. Integrating capacity building and nature conservation in large-scale biodiversity surveys: Our planet reviewed Papua New Guinea Download
PDF 18. A tale about knowledge and empowerment: Rebuilding biodiversity related capacities in the DR Congo Download
PDF 19. Cetacean conservation in Nicaragua Download
PDF 20. A multidisciplinary research program to ensure sustainable coastal livelihoods in Madagascar Download
PDF 21a. FishBase for Africa: A contribution to information transfer and capacity building in African ichthyology Download
PDF 21b. MbiSa Congo: Fish diversity in the Congo Basin Download
PDF 22. The Cyprinidae of Morocco and their gill Monogenea: systematic and biogeography Download
PDF 23. Termites ravageurs des ignames et leur gestion traditionnelle au centre du Bénin Download
PDF 24. Recherche sur les insectes pollinisateurs des écosystèmes forestiers et agricoles au Burundi Download
PDF 25. Lépidoptérophagie : Sa contribution au développement durable Download
PDF 26. Use of banana diversity for nutritious diets Download
PDF 27. The impact of certification on carbon stocks and biodiversity in smallholder coffee systems: A case study in the Mt Elgon region, Uganda Download
PDF 28. Assessing carbon stocks at the landscape level in Jimma, Ethiopia Download
PDF 29. Biodiversity conservation in social-ecological systems; (mis)matches between conservation discourses & evidence-based conservation Download
PDF 30. Martinets sans frontières Download