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Folder ALTER-Net & EKLIPSE Conference: The EU Biodiversity Strategy Beyond 2020

Workshop 3: Development cooperation and biodiversity for sustainable development

Luc Janssens de Bisthoven (Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences, Belgium), Jean Hugé (UCL, Leuven University and Hasselt University, Belgium) and Maarten Vanhove (Hasselt University, Belgium)

→ Date: June 18th 2019

→ Location: Augustinian Monastery; Ghent Belgium (Room Hippo)

The topic of discussion and brain storming of this workshop was development cooperation in the EU, both at the level of the Commission as well as at the national levels. It was an open discussion centered around - but not exclusively - modalities and tools to integrate biodiversity and development cooperation, including capacity-building, best-practices and synergies. Some of the questions discussed were: 

  • Are the European actors (providers of aid on biodiversity) each doing their own thing with or without harmonisation ?
  • Are redundancies avoided and synergies fostered (in line with e.g. Paris Declaration on efficiency of Aid, Accra, Busan)?
  • Do we refer enough to the (post)-Aichi targets and the SDGs?

You can download here the CEBioS presentation and the invitation to the workshop in pdf. 

For more information about the whole conference, you can also visit ALTER-Net's website

PDF Invitation to the workshop Download
PDF Powerpoint of the CEBioS presentation Download