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HTML Document Marine and coastal biological diversity

Release date 09/02/2006

Decision II/10 and Decision IV/5. Conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biological diversity

320-Does your national strategy and action plan promote the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biological diversity?
yes - limited extent  
yes - significant extent
321-Has your country established and/or strengthened institutional, administrative and legislative arrangements for the development of integrated management of marine and coastal ecosystems?
early stages of development
advanced stages of development  
arrangements in place  
322-Has your country provided the Executive Secretary with advice and information on future options concerning the conservation and sustainable use of marine and coastal biological diversity?
323-Has your country undertaken and/or exchanged information on demonstration projects as practical examples of integrated marine and coastal area management?
yes - previous national report  
yes - case-studies  
yes - other means

(323) Integrated marine and coastal management: Belgium is currently completing a project called 'Integral Coastal Conservation Initiative' with the financial support of the EU LIFE-Nature programme. Activity reports are available yearly. The final report is due at the end of 2001.

324-Has your country programmes in place to enhance and improve knowledge on the genetic structure of local populations of marine species subjected to stock enhancement and/or sea-ranching activities?
programmes are being developed  
programmes are being implemented for some species
programmes are being implemented for many species  
not a perceived problem  
325-Has your country reviewed the programme of work specified in an annex to the decision, and identified priorities for national action in implementing the programme?
under review

Decision V/3. Progress report on the implementation of the programme of work on marine and coastal biological diversity (implementation of decision IV/5)

326-Is your country contributing to the implementation of the work plan on coral bleaching?
not relevant
327-Is your country implementing other measures in response to coral bleaching?
yes (please provide details below)  
not relevant
328-Has your country submitted case-studies on the coral bleaching phenomenon to the Executive Secretary?
not relevant
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