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HTML Document Decision V/6. Ecosystem approach

Release date 09/02/2006

305-Is your country applying the ecosystem approach, taking into account the principles and guidance contained in the annex to decision V/6?
under consideration Wa. 
some aspects are being applied  
substantially implemented Fl. 
306-Is your country developing practical expressions of the ecosystem approach for national policies and legislation and for implementation activities, with adaptation to local, national, and regional conditions, in particular in the context of activities developed within the thematic areas of the Convention?
under consideration  
some aspects are being applied
substantially implemented  
307-Is your country identifying case studies and implementing pilot projects that demonstrate the ecosystem approach, and using workshops and other mechanisms to enhance awareness and share experience?
no Wa. 
case-studies identified  
pilot projects underway Fl. 
workshops planned/held  
information available through CHM  
308-Is your country strengthening capacities for implementation of the ecosystem approach, and providing technical and financial support for capacity-building to implement the ecosystem approach?
yes within the country
yes including support to other Parties  
309-Has your country promoted regional co-operation in applying the ecosystem approach across national borders?
informal co-operation  
formal co-operation (please give details)

(309) The Walloon region has developed formal bilateral co-operation with neighbouring countries, regarding the integrated management of transboundary ecosystems, such as river ecosystems and protected areas.

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