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Folder Peer reviewed

Folder Working paper, Rapid Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Man and Biosphere Reserves in Africa: A Review (Azadi et al.)
URL Farmers Perspectives on Payments for Ecosystem Services in Uganda (Geussens et al., 2019)
URL Ecosystem services assessment tools for African Biosphere Reserves: A review and user-informed classification (Hugé et al., 2019))
PDF Conserving African biosphere reserves: A workshop on the valuation of ecosystem services in Man and the Biosphere Reserves (Janssens de Bisthoven et al., 2019) Download
URL Social-ecological assessment of Lake Manyara basin, Tanzania: A mixed method approach (Janssens de Bisthoven et al., 2020)
URL Farmers’ preferences towards water hyacinth control in Lake Tana: a contingent valuation study. (Van Oijstaeijen et al., 2020)
URL Stakeholder Analysis on Ecosystem Services of Lake Manyara Sub-basin (Tanzania): How to Overcome Confounding Factors (Janssens de Bisthoven et al., 2021)