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Folder Work package C

In work package C, the results of WP B will be tested through a second round of multi-stakeholder workshops at the 4 sites, in order to validate them in the field (C1).

International experts’ opinions will be informing the validation phase through the application of the Delphi approach (C2).

A set of recommendations will be formulated for managers, decision- and policy makers (C3) and community leaders (through multi-stakeholder workshops and other multiplicator media such as radio, posters, social media).

It is obvious that local governance of the BR, end users, decision makers will be as much as possible involved in these workshops in order to
(1) scope as much diversity of opinion as possible,
(3) inform in a capacity building mode as much target groups as possible and
(3) raise awareness, ownership and active involvement of the process with key players, creating a ‘critical mass’ of informed stakeholders which add motivation to national authorities and international donors to take action in specific management and governance decisions of MAB areas