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News UNFCCC COP-20 : Biodiversity and Climate Change

Scientists and policy makers call for greater efforts to integrate biodiversity into
climate change politics

Concerned URL
Source CBD Secretariat
Release date 05/12/2014

Lima, 5 December 2014 – A group of scientists and policymakers delivered a declaration to the Minister of the Environment of Peru, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, the president of UNFCCC  Cop-20, that calls for integrated research on biodiversity and climate change and increased recognition of key biodiversity issues in the context of climate change.

The declaration contains a set of recommendations from scientists who assessed the status, trends and vulnerability of biodiversity to climate change. According to scientists who met during a 2-day symposium on Biodiversity and Climate Change held in Lima, the role of biodiversity in carbon sequestration and in resilience for adaptation needs to be better recognized in the climate negotiations. Read more

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