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News The European Commission adopts a Communication on Green Infrastructures

The Communication on Green Infrastructure has just been adopted by the Commission:

Concerned URL
Source DG ENVIRONMENT Unit B.2 - Biodiversity
Release date 08/05/2013

The Communication aims at promoting the deployment of Green Infrastructure – which enables nature to deliver its multiple benefits to citizens – across the European Union. The Communication sets out the policy background for this initiative on Green Infrastructure and includes a short description of what Green Infrastructure is. The central section of the document describes how Green Infrastructure can contribute to a number of key policy areas in particular regional development, climate change, disaster prevention and resilience, agriculture, forestry and environmental protection. The final sections of the document identify what needs to be done to promote the deployment of Green Infrastructure and how this will be achieved. The GI communication will contribute to the establishment of an enabling framework at the level of the EU that will encourage the decision makers, planners and promoters to invest in GI projects at local, regional and national level.  

The Communication is accompanied by a Commission Services Working Document (CSWD) that provides more detailed technical information on Green Infrastructure.  

The updated Commission webpage contains a wealth of background information for further reading. Next steps on the involvement of the European Parliament and Council, and on any further public consultation will be published on this webpage. For any queries, you might contact

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