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News In Loving Memory of Frédéric Chemay (1961-2014)

It is with deep sadness that the Belgian biodiversity community has learned of the passing of Frédéric Chemay in the night of 30th September 2014. He was 53.

As Hubert Reeves ever said, “Regarder “loin”, c’est regarder “tôt”” (Looking far is anticipating). This quote seems to have been written for Frédéric. Those who knew him will indeed remember him for his foresight in environmental issues and for always keeping his mind alert. He never stopped developing new projects, opening up new areas for debate and action.

He will also be remembered by his colleagues for his “struggling” with computers, his very particular sense of order and punctuality, his kindness and his good laughs.

We all will keep in mind his enthusiasm and untiring dedication to the environment for so many years.

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Release date 23/10/2014

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