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News European Latsis Prize 2010

The European Science Foundation (ESF) invites nominations for the European Latsis Prize 2010.

The Prize, of a value of 100 000 Swiss Francs, is presented each year by the International Latsis Foundation at the ESF Annual Assembly to a scientist or research group in recognition of outstanding and innovative contributions in a selected field of research. The research field for the 2010 Prize is "Biodiversity".

Concerned URL
Source European Science Foundation
Release date 14/01/2010
Geographical coverage Europe
Keywords Biodiversity, prize

The European Latsis Prize 2010 will be awarded for an outstanding contribution to the development of interdisciplinary research on "Biodiversity" that has had a major impact in this domain.

The criteria used in the selection procedure will be scientific excellence, societal impact and contribution to European progress.

Nominations may be received for individual scholars or for research groups, but no self nominations will be accepted. All nomination forms should be clearly presented and include a detailed nomination statement (maximum 2 pages) setting out clear reasons for the submission, a complete Curriculum Vitae and a full list of publications.

The nominations will be evaluated by a high-level committee of experts in the field. The European Latsis Prize 2010 will be awarded on the occasion of the Annual Assembly of the European Science Foundation on Wednesday 17 November 2010, in Strasbourg, France.

Former laureates of the European Latsis Prize

1999 "Research and/or Innovation in Education", Jürgen Baumert, German
2000 "Molecular Structure", Kenneth Holmes, Germany/United Kingdom
2001 "Climate Research", André Berger, Belgium
2002 "Cognitive Sciences", Annette Karmiloff-Smith, United Kingdom
2003 "Archaeology", Colin Renfrew, United Kingdom
2004 "Bioinformatics", Amos Bairoch, Switzerland
2005 "Nano-Engineering", Donal Bradley, United Kingdom
2006 "Immigration and Social Cohesion in Modern Societies", Rainer Bauböck, Austria
2007 "Medical Imaging", Willi Kalender, Germany
2008 "Astrophysics", Simon White, Germany/United Kingdom
2009 "The Human Brain - The Human Mind", Uta and Chris Frith, United Kingdom


The announcement for submission of the applications online will be made shortly. The deadline for submission of nominations will be 30 June 2010.


Please note that this information has expired.

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