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News Attitudes of Europeans (and Belgians) towards the issue of biodiversity

Concerned URL
Source European Commission
Release date 18/01/2008

The European Commission has just published a new Eurobarometer survey about the attitude of Europeans towards the issue of biodiversity.

This survey asked EU citizens to clarify how familiar they were with the term biodiversity and with the concept of biodiversity loss.

The survey also dealt with the following aspects relating to biodiversity loss:

  • The level to which EU citizens feel informed about biodiversity issues
  • The preferred information sources for learning more about biodiversity loss
  • Opinions about the major causes of biodiversity loss
  • The perceived seriousness of biodiversity loss at both domestic and global levels
  • The expected impact of biodiversity loss
  • Opinions on why it is important to stop biodiversity loss
  • Personal efforts being taken to preserve biodiversity
  • Awareness of the Natura 2000 network

The survey’s fieldwork was carried out between 20th and 24th of November, 2007. Over 25,000 randomly selected citizens, aged 15 years and above, were interviewed in the EU’s 27 Member States. Interviews were predominantly carried out via fixed telephone, approximately 1,000 in each of the Member States except Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta where approximately 500 interviews were conducted.

The survey's results can be downloaded from the European Commission website (see URL below). Size: ~ 6 MB.

Please note that this information has expired.

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