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News 4th Biodiversity Platform Digitisation Project Call (2010-2011)

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform aims at promoting biodiversity data exchange between scientists in Belgium and abroad as well as with field actors and decision makers. The Platform acts as the national node for GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility,, an international initiative facilitating worldwide dissemination of primary biodiversity data. Since digitisation is often the limiting step in the diffusion of biodiversity information, this call is intended to support small projects of digitisation of biodiversity related collections/observational data.

Please note that the deadline for submission project proposals is January 31st, 2010. 

Concerned URL
Source The Belgian Biodiversity Platform
Release date 04/12/2009
Geographical coverage Belgium
Keywords Biodiversity, digitisation

The aim of the present 4th call is similar to that of the previous calls and aims to increase the Belgian contribution to the GBIF and to increase the available data mass for analysis in support of a policy aimed at sustainable development.


The projects will be reviewed by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform and will be subjected to an independent, external peer review process.

In case of equal scores, priority will be given to projects that:

  1. make use of cost- and time-efficient digitisation procedures that can eventually serve as a model for other projects;
  2. demonstrate, in a practical manner, how digitised data from species and specimens can be utilized for scientific and/or practical applications, including important national and international topics are encouraged;
  3. build on collaboration between research units and organizations in Belgium.


The Belgian Biodiversity Platform has set aside budget of 40,000 euro available for this call.


The present call for proposals is open to researchers working at any Belgian research institute.


Projects will start in June 2010 and will conclude before June 2011 (1 year). A major deliverable of the projects will consist of a public presentation of the results during a workshop to be held in September 2011.

Application Procedure

1. Project proposals should be no longer than 5 pages and should include:
  1. Abstract
  2. Short project description including: (1) the method(s) used for digitisation; (2) the origin of the collection(s) used; and (3) the quality and status of the material
  3. Timeline for the project
  4. Expected outcome of the project including the total number of digitised records foreseen
  5. Detailed budget (split into salaries, equipment, travel,…) including other possible resources.
  6. Outline of the requested Platform IT support (e.g., tools, consultancy, database design, data cleaning, website development, GIS,…)
  7. Proposition of partnership(s), if applicable.

2. No CV needs to be added, evaluation will rely on the personal information contained in BioBEL database (
3. Proposals should be sent in electronic format (preferably pdf files) to the Belgian Biodiversity Platform (

Any queries about the Biodiversity Digitisation Project or BioBEL can be addressed to 

Please note that this information has expired.

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