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News 2013 Back to Belgium Grants

Return grants for researchers working abroad

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Source Belspo
Release date 03/12/2012
Geographical coverage Belgium,
Keywords Research, funding, grant,

1. Goal of the initiative

Promoting the return in Belgium of young and highly qualified researchers living abroad, in order to valorize their expertise and reinforce the national S&T-potential.
The Back to Belgium Grants are co-funded by the European Commission (FP7-PEOPLECOFUND-2008, as a Marie Curie Action).

2. Target group

Scientists of high level, and working in research centres abroad, at the time of their application.
The stay abroad must be of a post-doctoral nature, and of a minimal duration of 2 years, whatever the country (intra- or extra-EU):
to be eligible, the candidates will either be of Belgian citizenship or have stayed at least 3 years in Belgium, for R&D or educational (higher education) activities, before their post-doctoral stay abroad; the 2 years period is calculated from the date of entry in the research centre abroad until the date of return in Belgium.

3. Duration of the grants

The Back to Belgium grants attributed to the researchers have a maximal duration of 24 months.

Please note that this information has expired.

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