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URL Regional Environmental Centre - Sustainable cities

Release date 21/08/2008
Keywords Urban biodiversity, Environment,

This information module is the result of the joint work of five leading organizations in the field of sustainable development, located all across the world. The focus of this on-line module is urban sustainability, which is highlighted both from a general (global) as well as from a more focused (local, regional) context.

The module is set up along the following major pillars:

  • Definitions and basics. Urban sustainable development is considered in many different ways - especially in different geographical/economical/social contexts. This section clarifies how the participating project partners approach the issue.
  • Advantages of sustainable cities. The issue is highlighted from a general point of view as well as from a regional context.
  • Major barriers hindering the progress towards sustainable cities.
  • Regional information. The module takes a closer look-at the following countries/continents: India, Africa, Europe, South America, Canada. Information was collected and compiled by organizations working in each geographical area.
  • Links to relevant resources on the Internet. A comprehensive collection of relevant Internet resources. Each link is accompanied by a short summary.
  • Project partners. The information for this module was compiled and edited by a group of collaborating environmental institutions and non-governmental organizations. This section gives you more information on these partners.

The link to the project results is not accessible anymore !


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