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URL Eurobionet - European Network for assessment of air quality by the use of bioindicators plants

Release date 21/08/2008
Geographical coverage Europe,
Keywords Urban biodiversity,

Eurobionet was a Europe-wide project sponsored by the European Commission under the 1999 LIFE Environment programme. The project addressed the problem of air pollution in major European cities. The main theme of the project was the use of bioindicators - plants or trees which are particularly sensitive to different forms of air pollution, often over long periods of time.

The project had the following objectives:

  • Establishing the use of bioindicators for the assessment of air quality at European level with standardised methods,
  • transfer of expertise and knowledge in the field of bioindication,
  • creation of a database on the effects of air pollution in the partner cities,
  • analysis and evaluation of air quality by using the data collected,
  • provision of data for remedial action
  • comparing the types of pollution in the different cities,
  • creating a city network on air quality issues,
  • raising urban population awareness by PR activities.

The website of the project is not available anymore.

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