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Folder International day for biodiversity 2005

Biodiversity: Life Insurance for our Changing World

The world is changing faster than ever before. Growing human populations and expanding consumption are placing great pressure on biological Diversity. This year’s theme for IBD reminds us that, in addition to providing the physical conditions for all life, biodiversity also plays an important role in protecting life and making it resilient to the pressures brought about by change.

The Belgian National Focal Point to the Convention on Biological Diversity celebrated the 2005 International Day for Biological Diversity following a two track approach:

  • in the week preceeding 22 May, a press release on the International Day was sent to the Belgian media, listing all activities organised in relation to nature and biodiversity by different stakeholders in Belgium (the press release, in Dutch and French, is listed below);
  • on 22 May, an innovative digital interface combining pictures and sounds on Belgian biodiversity was presented to the press by Mr B. Tobback, Federal Minister of Environment. The event was organised in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, NFP to the CBD. The digital interface was launched via the Internet on that day. Through the use of sound and images, the “electronic promenade” induces diverse emotional sensations, such as delight and amazement, understanding and discomfort, involvement and repugnance, joy and sorrow. Through these emotions, people are made aware of the beauty and benefits of biodiversity, and are inspired to change their way of living to one which is more ecological and sustainable. The interface can be found at: It will also be available within a few days via the English pages (

In addition to this two track approach, Belgium used this opportunity to present, for a second time to the press, its educational brochure on biodiversity in Belgium. This brochure was launched just before Christmas and has been a great success. From the 20,000 French and Dutch copies initially printed, only a small number remains: more than 16,000 copies have been dispatched to the public on request. A reprint has been agreed upon by the Ministers of Science Policy and Environment and will be sent pro-actively to secondary schools and libraries. The brochure can be found in PDF format via:

DOC Press release - Celebration of 22 May 2005 in Belgium (Dutch) Download
DOC Press release - Celebration of 22 May 2005 in Belgium (French) Download
URL International day for biodiversity 2005 at the CBD Secretariat
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