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News A new manual on the assessment of ecosystem services in African Biosphere Reserves

Release date 23/09/2019
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Keywords manual, ecosystem services, AfriMAB

The EVAMAB research team is preparing a manual to address the assessment of ecosystem services in African Biosphere Reserves (BR). It should be finalized by the beginning of 2020.

This manual intends to primarily reach the managers and administrators but also decision makers of African BR. Its main goals are:

  • To outline the significance of ecosystem services for the management of African BRs;
  • To increase the awareness, knowledge and use of ecosystem services among stakeholders involved with African BRs;
  • To serve as a support & background document for the AfriMAB network and beyond;
  • To serve as a transfer mechanism for key principles and approaches of ecosystem services in BRs;
  • To maintain sustainably ecosystems and their services in BRs and support the management of BRs in favour of both Nature and People;
  • To be a milestone in a process of continuous learning.


All the information is presented in this announcement, which you can download here.