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News New policy brief about the future of Lake Tanganyika's fisheries (DR Congo)

Source CEBioS
Release date 24/11/2020
Contributor Lucie Ongena
Keywords Uvira, DR Congo, Tanganyika, fisheries

The policy brief (CEBioS PB Nr. 15) "A critical look at fishing in Lake Tanganyika: will future generations still have access to fish?" is now available to download in English, in French and in Kiswahili

This document is based on a publication in the Journal of Great Lakes Research, "Local perceptions on the state of the pelagic fisheries and fisheries management in Uvira, Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo" by De Keyzer et al


Key message of the policy brief: 

"Fisheries of Lake Tanganyika, a source of income for millions of people, are in danger. Human activities around the lake and poor fishing practices threaten the stocks. Fish have become more difficult to buy for the population. The resource, which is shared between four riparian countries, requires harmonized and consistent management at all levels. Based on our investigations we propose concrete actions to improve the situation."