News Data cleaning and data publishing course, ICIPE, Nairobi, February 2013

A training workshop on Biodiversity Data Cleaning and Data Publishing (DCDP) was been held from 18-22 February 2013, at ICIPE Campus, Nairobi, Kenya. The course was offered by Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum (BITC) in collaboration with ICIPE and sponsored by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation. Burundi was represented by a participant of University of Burundi and one of National Institute for Environment and Nature Conservation (INECN).

Source Biodiversity Informatics Training Curriculum (BITC)
Release date 06/12/2013
Contributor kaku
Geographical coverage Kenya
Keywords data cleaning, data publishing, biodiversity, JRS

Part 1 of the course was about installing and configuring the IPT. This session’s exercises cover how to install the IPT and configure it for initial use.
Upgrading an existing installation and changing the base URL was also covered.
Additional exercises was about how to select the desired port number, bypass a proxy, and use Apache to setup a virtual host name, which resembles a production environment.

The program and supports of this session can be found by following this URL:

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